The tour Itinerary at the Inter-cultural Cities Conference

Saturday, 3rd May 2008: visit around
Kensington, starting 10.00am

More info on Kensington Regeneration is available at

10.00am. Convene at St. Georges Hall, North Entrance & leave in Minibus for Kensington The bus will have two distinct groups going to Kensington, some going to a) METAL in Marmaduke Street; and the rest going on b) Kensington Magical Mystery Tour to end up at the Hindu Cultural Organisation at 10.45pm for our hour’s meeting there on Kensington.

We will first pass Edge Hill Railway Station to show all delegates where the Liverpool Pavillions Festival will take place from 12 noon to 6.0pm the same day with our Kensington Czech Slovak Roma Band playing at 5.30pm

10.10am. Arrive in Kensington from South Central direction coming down Tunnel Road from Upper Parliament Street in the Kensington neighbourhood called Edge Hill, which gives it’s name to the Railway Station where the Liverpool Pavilllions festivities will take place in the afternoon, same day. The following places below will be passed and commented upon. There will not be time for the party to get out and wander about except on request (maximum 2 or 3 times):.

a) Edge Hill Railway Station, & old waiting room, Tunnel Road, L7. One of the first railway stations in the world. Twin entrance drive is site of Liverpool Pavillions event organised by METAL later same day of visit, see below referring to METAL’s Kensington HQs. The Kensington Czech Slovak Roma Band will play here at 5.30pm on the Saturday. METAL intend to convert part of the Station to become an Arts Centre. One group of the bus will shortly visit METAL ( see d).below);

b) Job Bank, 4, Tunnel Road, L7 6QD, an office block serving Kensington, partly paid for with European funds. Tenants mainly statutory or semi-statutory organisations including Kensington Regeneration (co-ordinator of this visit, a “New Deal for Communities” programme), Liverpool City Council JET programme (Jobs, Employment & Training) & Adult Guidance Service, including Minority Ethnic Employability Project; Liverpool Sports Action Zone; and Community Integrated Care (CIC), voluntary organisation;

c) Rocket locomotive wall design (see photo, summary hand-out), Wavertree Road, L7 (on advertising hoarding, on shop building wall adjoining Pizzeria, opposite Job Bank).. George Stephenson’s early railway locomotive inaugurated the world’s first passenger railway, Liverpool-Manchester, on which Edge Hill was one of the first stations;

d) Woks Cooking, Wavertree Road, L7, see summary note photo.. Referred to because a) Chinese are the biggest minority ethnic community in Kensington ( Black African second; and probably Poles third); and b) the Chair of the Kensington-based Liverpool Multiculutural Badminton Club is the owner of Wok’s Cooking;

e) METAL 6, Marmaduke Street, L7, arts & communication organisation with international orientation, based in Claire Terrace next to neighbouring culture organisations, see immediately below.. Chair of METAL is Jude Kelly, Director of London’s South Bank. METAL are organising the Liverpool Pavillion event at Edge Hill Railway Station 12 noon-6.0pm on same day as the ICC Conference party visit. Final reminder, Kensington Czech Slovak Roma Band play at 5.30pm

f) Yellow House, 8, Marmaduke Street, L7, arts & youth organisation with international orientation, based in Claire Terrace next to neighbouring culture organisations, see e) &
g). Founder George McKane is a Liverpool icon and his wife and co-director, Gosia McKane, was previosuly Head of Education in Gdansk, Poland. Yellow House won the Radio City Community Organisation of the Year Award for Liverpool last year, 2007. Yellow House recently have been very active in anti-bullying and school trouble-shooting exercises as well as with the recent Liverpool January 2008 National Holocaust event ( subsequently we bumped into George outside the Yellow House and he came into the bus to give us a few words on the coach microphone );

g) Twenty Stories High, 6, Marmaduke Street, L7 based in Claire Terrace next to above-mentioned neighbouring culture organisations is a drama, forum theatre organisation sharing the building and with other links to METAL. Co-Directors Julia Samuels and Keith Saha have a pedigree working together at London’s Stratford East community-orientated, ex-Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Royal;

h) 4, Marmaduke Street, L7, ex-residence of first UK City Engineer John Newlands based in Claire Terrace next to neighbouring culture organisations, see above;

i) St. Mary’s Church, Towerlands, L7, see summary Note with photo, with stain glass window by artist William Morris;

j) “Free Michael Shields Campaign” Headquarters, Towerlands, L7 Michael Shields is a Kensington young person, currently imprisoned for alleged murder of a barman while on holiday in Bulgaria, wrongly convicted according to many British observers;

k) Asylum Link Merseyside, 7, Overbury Street, L7 3HJ. Voluntary organisation serving asylum seekers and, to a lesser extent, refugees. Currently getting roughly 200 client visits a week, a high figure partly because the Home Office Northern office handling asylum seekers is located in Liverpool (Reliance House, Water Street, the latter referred to in Kensington-sponsored secondary education materials recently developed for 2008 Holocaust Memorial Day entitled “Stories of Migration” from persecution and killing);

l) Edge Hill housing redevelopment area due for demolition (Royston & Dorothy Streets, & Durning Road, L7), see boarded up houese in summary note photo;

m) “Shipperies” pub and old Fire Station, listed buildings, available for conversion for community use, Durning Road, L7, see summary note photo of Shipperies pub;

n) Hindu Cultural Organisation and Shree Rhada Krishna’s Temple, 253, Edge Lane, L7 2PH, site for later meeting, presentations & discussion. Previously a Welsh Chapel;

o) Botanic & Wavertree Parks, Edge Lane & Botanic Road, L7 Visited by Queen Victoria around 1861;

p) Old Jewish cemetary, Deane Road, L7, burial ground of famous Jewish personalities, particularly of the 19th Century, like the founders of Lewis’s (Liverpool) stores and H Samuel jewellers chain;

q) Adjacent site, Deane Road, main accommodation of Chinese cocklers who drowned at Morecambe Bay in February 2004, see also Kensington roller banner featuring a photo from the film “Ghosts” about the Chinese cocklers;

r) Capaldi’s Cafe, Kensington, L7 (Italian origin), owner recently been featured on Kensington FM radio and a photographic exhibition at St. Georges Hall by Stray Cats, a communication and education partnership active in Kensington with school twinning relationships between Kensington, India, Croatia and other countries;

s) Polish shop, Kensington high street, L7 ( opposite, near McDonalds ) with connections with Crewe, Cheshire, which has a significant concentration of Polish population ). Shop shown in summary note photos.

t) Sheil Road, L6 ( named after Irish person )

u) Academy of St. Francis of Assisi, Gardener’s Drive, off Sheil Road, L6 (secondary school with Kensington BME pupils featured in summary note photo, Academy collaborator in video “A Safe Haven” on anti-bullying and anti-racism, featured in Kensington roller banner;

v) African shops, Prescot Road, L7

w) Laurel Road site of old Jewish Synagogue, L7

x) St. Sebastian’s Catholic Primary School, Holly Road, L7, progressive on diversity, national award winner on teaching Spanish;

y) St. Sebastian’s Parish Centre, Lockerby Street, L7, focus for developing Irish activities

z) Holt Pub, Holt Road / Kensington high street, L7 ( ex-local HQs British National Front; now more Kensington volunteer, Siddi Majubah Sierra Leone territory )

11.00am End up at the cul-de-sac end of Needham Road to park by nearby Hindu Cultural Organisation and Shree Rhada Krishna’s Temple, 253, Edge Lane, L7 2PH, where the meeting, presentations & discussions will start at 11.0pm.

12 noon, leave for FACT arts / cinema centre for Conference wind-up, pass on the way, Sacred Heart Primary School (also Polish Saturday School), Hall Lane, L7

Pass Sacred Heart Church, Hall Lane, L7 designed by Pugin, architect of London’s Houses of Parliament and Brideswell Art Gallery, Prescot Street, in converted building.



  1. 1 neville Roberts October 18, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Very interesting , as I was born in kensington, and grew up there 1938, to 1953. at 71 romer rd., went too boaler st., school in 1942, then shiel rd., school till 1953 then moved too huyton, in the days I grew up Kensington it was not a bad area, very working class 40,s and 50,s its a diferent world now , but always remember my youth in Liverpool.

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