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Candid comments picked up at the Intercultural Cities Conference, Liverpool, 1–3 May

Oscar Watson
Milica Pesic
G. Pascal Zachary
Chris Edwards

1. “What culture are the sandwiches from?” delegate leaving dining room

2. “It ain’t necessarily so!” retort from Oscar Watson, Director of Northern Cultural Diversity Arts Forum when Milica Pesic, Director of the Media Diversity Institute, claimed that things are more creative when the majority of the people you work with things are women.

3 “Paying attention to diverse peoples make for a stronger more legitimate and trusted journalism,” according to G. Pascal Zachary author of Diversity Advantage and one of the speakers at Intercultural Cities Conference.

4. “Can Britain learn a lot from other countries about interculturalism and the city? You bet! We’re not about telling but sharing and listening.

“The British Council tries to build relationships of trust and mutual understanding between the UK and the rest of the world. But any conversation must have two voices, so we need to know what is going on in England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland – that is why we have brought 17 people to Liverpool for this conference.

“We are working on projects about the development of cities and the impact of migration elsewhere in Europe and East Asia” Chris Edwards, England Director, British Council

He told DiverCities that parallels between the way in which urban based media effectively silences rural peoples by largely ignoring them, in the same way that vulnerable disavantaged groups are silenced in urban areas. Some of the techniques used to give voice to the people in rural areas, he argues, could and should be used to give a voice to marginalised groups in urban areas. To read his essay about the role of media in developing countries, click here.


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